7 different varieties

Cultivated on 1.5 ha

On the Estate, we grow 7 different varieties specially selected for Organic Agriculture, rustic and resistant to diseases is our first criterion, then of course the gustatory qualities are very important and as for the wine, Every terroir has its taste!

Two types of potatoes: soft and firm flesh.

Varieties : Ditta, Ecrin, Levanté, Cephora, Agria, Carolus, Alouette.

This picture was taken a few weeks after hilling.

Important operation for the good development of the tubers.

The harvest


1 yellow onion variety
Grown on 2ha

We only grow yellow onion for technical reasons since we are in a process of conservation of bulbs for marketing after season and in the winter, the other colors of onions are little adapted in cultivation on our soils.

Onions are a delicate crop that requires a lot of attention, especially when it comes to weeding.

Varieties : Centurion

Depending on the year, we also offer red onions and long shallots.

The onions:
20 days after planting

Mechanical weeding, essential intervention throughout the harvest, between 6 and 8 passages per season are necessary

Natural drying before manual harvest

Preparation and Marketing

We sell all our vegetables packaged in boxes of 10 kg, 25 kg net and 2.5 kg and retail (Saturday morning at the farm store from October to the end of April).

Everything is stored in a cold room on the Estate, we also do all the preparation from grading / grading (onions) / sorting / brushing to packaging.

We sell to local organic stores, in the Nantes MIN, to our fellow producers, and on sale at the farm store on Saturday morning.

Drying after harvest