What’s going on right now!

On the Domain in early June:

News of current cultures:

=> The vine is very late, the frost combined with this very cold spring to delay its development considerably. Difficult year ...

=> Spring cereals are finally starting to grow with this long-awaited heat!

=> The potatoes and onions are also moving in their vegetation finally! For 1 month, the cold had greatly delayed the development.

1st binage for the onions, and beginning of the butting for the potatoes

Market/sales news at the Domaine/show:


                     The direct sale to the farm on Saturday is over, we will resume this permanence                        during September we will keep you informed on this page 15 days before.

=> The special cuvée of the 4 Vents is exhausted, another 32 months on Lie will be available at the beginning of June around the 11th!

Our wines remain available all year at the estate by appointment (to ensure our presence) and also by home shipping, do not hesitate to contact us for terms, rates etc ...

Thank you for your loyalty and trust!