What’s going on right now!

On the Domain at the end of October:

News of current cultures:

=> Despite very difficult weather conditions due to very high heat and drought, we do our best to save the crops ...

=> Potatoes and onions are stored, it’s time for preparation and packaging for sale throughout the winter.

This particularly difficult year, many defects (visual and calibre) are present, we will do our best during the sorting.

=> Cereals have just been sown in good weather conditions.

Market/sales news at the Domaine/show:


For the vegetables:

=> The Saturday farm sale is open until the beginning of May 2023, you will find all our productions available!

There are also the differences in sorting at low prices!

For our Wines:
Our wines remain available all year at the estate by appointment (to ensure our presence), Saturday morning during the vegetable permanence and also by home shipping, do not hesitate to contact us for terms, rates etc ...

Thank you for your loyalty and trust!